1. Flyrt Reynolds - Garden Beats


    This tape, like most of my other projects, was born out of bullshit and beer.

    I started making it at a friend’s apartment, which sits above the oldest bar in BK. We would sip beer, listen to old Three 6 Mafia and discuss nothing and everything at the same time. It was there that I decided that I would make a project completely for me, free of outside direction/mixing costs/whateverwhatever,etc.

    So, here we have Garden Beats, a sort-of beat tape thing, but with a little more sheen to it. I’m not really sure who will want to listen to it (rappers looking for instrumentals? Hip-hop heads?). And I don’t really know what its overall purpose is. But here are some things I do know: 

    • It makes me think of home.
    • It’s melodic as shit, full of beats inspired by this songthis album and this book.
    • It features both my nephew, who tells a story about a guy who gets eaten by a bear, and my mom, who gets all nostalgic.
    • It was sent to many friends for critiquing. The average response: “It’s coo.” 
    • It’s got a very spiritual/nature-y vibe…my art record, if you will.
    • It’s probably my favorite project I’ve done. And maybe will do.

    So Take a listen. Or don’t. Or maybe listen to it outside (in a garden perhaps??)? Or when you’re high? Or after a really long day of being out in the sun and you just want to sit and chill and unwrap for a sec. Yeah, that’s it.


    Promo stickerzz (by Annah Kessler):



    *Also, shouts out to Storm Siegel, aka Stormatron 6000, for inspiring those early creative sessions in BK and providing some additional production, as well as Kyle “Terminill” Steckley for laying some bass lines on this bitchh.

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